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Animal Healing

Ready to Get Started Resolving Problems With Your Animals Now?

Most of the time, whatever is wrong with your animals is coming from their human family as a reflection of their human caretakers dis-ease, imbalances and woundings.

More than 90% of Val's clients experience changes in 3 sessions or less!

Horses in Field

This process is designed for people and animals suffering from chronic pain or disease, trauma, behavior problems and performance issues. It’s also an excellent process to help you gain clarity and improvement in every area of your life, whether you are working with health problems, feeling stuck, with relationship difficulties, or you want to start a new career!

Val doesn't just communicate with animals. That is only the beginning. Based on what your animals tell Val and you, the best course of action can be determined to resolve whatever the issues may be.

There are many things that can be contributing to why your animals feel/behave the way they do. When Val communicates with your dog or horse she can determine what is actually needed, where the issues are coming from, what the triggers are, and if there are other unknown factors which are critical to resolving things. Va lis also highly trained in alternative health modalities so once we know what is really going on, she will be able to help them heal too, if that's needed.

Val has 2 goals in her work:

1)Save you time and money by discovering and addressing the real problems, not just guessing and trying different things, hoping for the best.

2)Help you and your animal rebalance, regain your clarity, peace and sanity, and be as healthy and resilient as possible. She also works in an experiential way where you are very much a part of the process, and often teaches you how to communicate with your own animals in the process.

Val works with a select group of clients who meet her criteria - Click Here to See if You Qualify.

If you meet her criteria, then she recommends scheduling a session (have this be a link). She'll give you personal coaching in animal communication as well as communicating directly with your animals. She is usually booked 3 plus weeks in advance with a waiting list... So if this interests you, please don't delay!

NOTE: You do not have to have an animal to work with Val. More than 40% of her clients work with her directly after their animals improved. Because they found her work so valuable, they continue to consult with her on various life issues, such as relationships, career, performance and health.

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