Adventures of Louie V and Tracey Delio on the Real Dr Doolittle Show!

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Tracey Delio has been providing speech and language services to toddlers, preschoolers and school age children on Long Island for the last 15 years. She holds a Master’s Degree from Hofstra University and is also a Teacher of the Speech and Hearing Handicapped with a dual major in English.

She is also a children’s book author; her precocious Siamese cat Louie V inspired her to author her first series, The Secret Adventures of Louie V which details his sneaky escapades. The series won an Honorable Mention at the San Francisco Book Festival, and children everywhere are crazy for Louie V!

What you will learn:

* How a dog lover can become a Siamese cat lover instantly. You can too!

* How Louie V helped Tracey recognize the unique and special qualities that many cats possess. You’ll recognize some of these same traits in your own cat(s).

* How children interact with cats, and how they see things differently.

* The truth behind the stories in Tracey’s books. Does Louie really get into Tracey’s things? Have birthday parties?

* What impact children’s books about animals (in this case CATS!) has on our children.

Learn more about Tracey Delio, Louis V, and her books at http://louievadventures.com/

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From Tracey:

What Is So Special About A Cat?

Key in hand, insert in lock and open the door. I am immediately greeted by the melodious meows of my beautiful Siamese cat, Louie V. He requires my undivided attention and will not even let me place my pocketbook on the counter without acknowledging him with the proper welcome. I promptly swoop him up into my arms and bring his nose to mine and engage in “noseys” (some call them Eskimo kisses, but we take it down a level to its simplest form of rubbing our noses together).

“What did you do today, my big boy?” I ask waiting for a coherent response from my favorite feline.

He looks directly into my eyes and gives me a soft blink, but I know his day had to be more fun filled than he is letting on. This daily ritual has inspired me to create the children’s series, “The Secret Adventures of Louie V.” These books provide the answer to that elusive question, “what did Louie V do all day while I was out.” I pose this question to the children I have the pleasure of sharing my books with as I visit their schools around the country. Their responses never cease to amaze me. “He is playing poker, having a dance party, drawing you a picture, tearing up the house, ordering pizza, and of course the ever popular going to the bathroom.” The possibilities are limitless and this simple question inspires the children to channel their creativity into stories about my “best boy” or their own pets. Louie V is such a source of love and inspiration for me, so I feel blessed that I am able to share him with the children and have him inspire a new generation of writers and animal lovers.

This first story in the series follows Louie V through a day where he is feeling exceptionally sassy. He decides he would like to go shopping, but being an indoor cat, he must settle for his owner’s closet. Louie V fools his owner (me) into thinking he has been up to nothing but sleeping the whole day. Louie V Takes the Cake builds on the premise of Louie V’s secret life! He is left alone while his owner (me again) goes off to put the finishing touches on a special surprise. What could SHE be planning? Louie V tries to figure out what his owner is up to and we meet some of his favorite friends along the way. Will Louie V ruin the surprise or be surprised?

Louie V is extremely generous with his love and affection so it should come as no surprise that he gives a portion of the proceeds from his books to three amazing charities: the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Autism Speaks and VH1 Save the Music. Each of the charities support children and strive to make their future bright and prosperous. More information about each of the aforementioned charities can be found on my website: www.louievadventures.com

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  1. Jerry Dombrowsky

    Tracey, You have a wonderful pet. Louie sounds like a perfect cat. I also have a cat (TT for twin towers). I rescued him on 9/11 from the towers after the collapse. He was just a kitten but now a big fat hairy cat. He is good but jumps at every sound as I can understand. Hope you are well and say hello to your dad for me. Regards, Jerry

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