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Is Your Pet Possessed? The Shocking Truth About Paranormal Pet’s By Olga Horvat

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My pet is a member of my family.

Millions of people say such things about the animals that give them companionship, comfort, loyalty and unlimited love and affection. But what happens when:

* A beloved pet starts acting strange and out-of-character?

* For no apparent reason your sweet dog (or other furry friend) turns violent, fierce, disobedient and dangerous?

* Your four-legged family member seems to hear or see something no one else can detect?

* Other animals are obviously scared of your pet, and keep their distance?

* Your pet acts fearful around religious ministers or holy objects such as a cross or Bible?

* Along with the arrival of a new pet the family starts experiencing unexplained events, bizarre accidents, or a
noticeable streak of bad luck or other difficulties?

It is quite possible that your animal companion could be possessed, and under the control of negative forces!

If this is the case, with every day that goes by your entire family is put in more and more danger and experiences more and more stress. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones (including the pet!) to know these facts:

1. Paranormal pets are not that uncommon. Chances are YOU know of an animal (in your own household, or some else’s) that has exhibited strange or even unnatural behavior.

2. When a pet becomes uncontrollable or spooky, many families mistakenly remove that troubled animal to a shelter — where, sadly, it will probably be euthanized. This is NOT the best recourse.

3. Thousands more animals are abandoned, mistreated, neglected and destroyed because the owners are confused about the situation.

4. These animals are not at fault. It becomes necessary for you, the pet owner, to investigate the background of your pet, and to seek protection for both the human and non-human members of the family.

You cannot ignore this!

More Information for people who love their pets and want to learn about animal possession is in my book Paranormal Pooch: A True Story of the Dog Who Healed One Family.

Many paranormal investigators believe that an animal does, indeed, have a soul and is capable of showing emotion. Otherwise the creature with whom we share our homes would be an empty shell.

Just as dogs are especially vigilant to guard our homes and property, they can also be very attuned to spiritual activity within our dwelling places. Dogs can sense and see poltergeists, ghosts, even angels. Long before human beings notice something different — such as unexplained flickering of lights, strange odors or misty forms — a dog will likely respond. This makes the animal a tempting target to invasion (possession) by such spirits.

Just as you would protect your spouse and children from a physical intruder (armed robber, angry bees, nest of rodents, etc.), you must find a way to protect the entire household from spiritual intrusions. And you must include your beloved dog in this protection.

Countless families now use the well-documented Energy Shield, a device that supports and balances your body’s own magnetic field, while protecting you from the negative energy generated by many aspects of our environment. The pendant, which increases the energy level of your natural life-force, is worn as a necklace (or placed within a handbag or wallet) or as a pets collar charm. As we live in a constant sea of electromagnetic radiation, the Shield also protects us from computers, microwaves, cell phones, radio and TV transmission, and other electrical devices. You are also made safer from the harmful thoughts and emotions of negative people and (of course) you and your at-risk pet will be shielded from the presence of negative spirits. The Energy Shield is available at: www.TheEnergyShield.com

Do you fear that your own pet is possessed? Share your story and get help at our website www.RoyalDogsGallery.com

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  1. Sean

    Hi I have two rabbits whiich I have bought 3 months ago (one all black and the other mostly white with black spots). recently ive noticed the white rabbit being outside of its cage alot. this is a little shocking to me because i only have 3 other family members in the household which do not even touch or acknowledge them. the only times they are out of their cage is when i pick them up and let them roam the house for a few hours, other than that they are mostly confided in the cage. its also very weird because the cage i have can only open from the top and the lock is on the outside of the cage. if you have any suggestions or answers to what is going on please email me.

  2. Author

    Hi Sean, thank you for your comment. Until I work with the rabbits themselves directly, that I won’t know what is going on, sorry. It certainly sounds very spooky to me!! Maybe you could put a video camera to watch? That could help you to figure things out. Good Luck :)

  3. Randy

    Hi my name is randy and I have a white dog and there is some strange going on with him. He was recently fighting with his son and his pee smell different.

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