Animal Communication Course
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Animal Communication Training - Live Google Hangout With Val Heart

Welcome to my first LIVE Google Hangout! Join me as I teach and interact with a dedicated group of dog lovers who want to better understand and communicate with their special furrbabies.  We are dedicating our work today to our love for dogs, but you never know, a kitty or horse or bird might pop [...]

Reward Based Training for Dogs

Here’s a neat little video that really simplifies how dogs think and explains how you can use reward based training to ensure that your dog is well-behaved by understanding how dogs think and process your instructions. For additional tips on training your dog, check out these 4 tips on discipline. And if your pet isn’t [...]

Cat Grooming Habits

In addition to sleeping 13-16 hours each day, cats are notorious for their meticulous grooming behaviors. In fact, many felines spend approximately 50% of their waking hours grooming themselves. Although this may seem excessive, instinctive grooming offers a number of key benefits. Cooling– A cat’s saliva evaporates, taking body heat with it. Oil distribution – [...]

Four Critically Endangered Species

There are dozens of wildlife conservation groups asking for money, but many don’t know what’s at stake and why they should care. We hear about animals becoming extinct all the time. It’s a part of nature, some think. But, animal extinctions have a significant effect on our ecological systems. A balanced eco-system affects our food, [...]

 How to Include Your Pet In Your Wedding: 3 Animal Talk Tips  to Enjoy a Happy Ceremony Including Your Dog, Cat or Horse

So you want to include your pet in your wedding?  What a wonderful idea!  Just be sure that their participation adds love and joy to your special day and doesn’t wind up destroying the ceremony.  Later you may be able to laugh at your puppy’s goofy shenanigans.  But I’m betting that in the stress and [...]