How to tell if your pet needs a supplement | AnimalTalk Blog, Val Heart & Friends, Animal Communication Tips & Animal Care - Part 2
Does your pet need a supplement? Here are 7 signs that they might!

TOP 7 SIGNS that your pet should be on a Supplement 1. Limping, lameness, stiff movements, especially after rising from getting up. The most common cause of these signs is from Arthritis, seen in middle age and older pets. Supplementing with Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM and Essential Fatty Acids can reduce pain and inflammation. 2. Chronic [...]

Are Animals Healers?  The Healing Power of A Cat's Purr

Many animals are healers. For instance, science has shown that all cats from all around the world purr at the same frequency. Further, they’ve discovered that that exact frequency when applied to bone and tissue accelerates healing! As you allow yourself to see and respect animals as intelligent with spiritual qualities that we can admire [...]

Our Favorite Animal Videos

This week we highlight some of our favorite animal videos we’ve seen in a while. Check them out for a little chuckle. How does your cat nap? Check out the weird ways in which these cats sleep A cat wanders into a horse stall and this is what happens… The doggie alarm   This little girl [...]

Playtime: Tips for fun with your cat, dog or horse

Here are some of our favorite playtime tips for fun with your cat, dog or horse. First of all, playtime is an important part of keeping your pet healthy. Check out this post about how you can help your pet win the battle of the bulge: If you’ve ever doubted that playtime is important, [...]

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