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Getting Healthy With Your Dog!

It’s important that you get an exercise routine going with your dog if you want them to be healthy and be around for a while! The American Kennel Club has highlighted some important tips on how you and your dog can get healthy together by starting a routine: Getting Started: Before starting a workout routine [...]

Learn how to talk to animals - Live Training Series

How to Talk to Animals – Animal Communication Training Series with Val Heart & Friends I believe animal come into our lives for a reason, they are teachers, healers, angels and guides.  When we learn to recognize, respect, revere them, they help us heal, evolve and grow, and that makes us better people. Animal communication, [...]

Tribute to Robin Williams:  Exploring The Dark Underbelly of Despair

The recent loss of actor/celebrity/comedienne Robin Williams hit me especially hard.  I’ve suffered from manic depression and suicidal tendencies myself at times in my life.  I’ve been fortunate in that my obsessive and addictive tendencies have been manageable and channeled mostly into my work.  The dark underbelly of despair can haunt us all at times.  [...]