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Horse Whispering Animal Communication That Gets Results With Your Horse, Dog or Cat | AnimalTalk Blog, Val Heart & Friends, Animal Communication Tips & Animal Care - Part 2
Horse Whispering: Animal Communication That Gets Results With Your Horse, Dog or Cat

Although horse whispering has been around for ages, it most recently became a worldwide phenomenon in the mid 1990’s with the bestselling book and block buster movie with Robert Redford called The Horse Whisperer. The term is a colloquial for natural horsemanship. That is, it’s a collective term used to describe a variety of horse [...]

The Psychic Abilities of Animals: Do they have a sixth sense after all?

You’ve likely heard stories about animals warning people about pending natural disasters like tsunamis, avalanches and earthquakes. They seem to have an ability to anticipate disasters and catastrophic events, an ability many animal communicators have known about for years. During the 2004 Thailand tsunami, Bang Keoy villagers admit to seeing a herd of buffalo along [...]

Pet Communication: Understanding the Importance of the Heartmind Connection

Did you know that your pet is talking to you telepathically and energetically all the time, just begging for you to understand them? I believe everyone is equipped to feel, connect and communicate with their animals.  That does not mean pet owners are always interested in learning, which is tragic when you consider the consequences [...]

7 Tips to Ensure a Longer, Healthier, Happier Life For Your Older Dog and Cat

You’ve spent precious time with your furrbaby, been their companion and their trusted friend… You’ve loved them and they’ve loved you, unconditionally… And now, during their golden years, they’re still depending on you for the love and companionship they’ve grown accustomed to.  But they also need all of the things that will keep them healthy, [...]