Pork with borderPigs are fascinating creatures. They can often times be highly intelligent, funny and kind. Conversely, they can also be mean. They have been, and still are, treasured pets. However, I am not a vegetarian, and neither are our omnivore canine friends. The question is, can Greyhounds and other dog breeds safely eat pork?

Pork can be bad for dogs, and here is why:

First, pigs will eat anything, including insects, worms, flesh of other dead animals including other pigs and garbage. Because of this parasite infestations can be carried to man from pigs. Also, pigs don’t sweat, which means that they do not eliminate built up toxins.

Trichinosis is a food-borne disease which can infect pigs (and then your dog) when the pig develops roundworm, which is uncommon in the United States. Humans and dogs alike can develop roundworm when they have eaten under-cooked or raw meat from anther animal that is infected. Symptoms of roundworm include muscle soreness and pain, upper eyelid swelling and often times can lead to more severe symptoms.

In order to lessen the risk of developing roundworm it is suggested that you freeze pork for three weeks, or longer. You should also thoroughly cook all pork. All raw and under-cooked meat should be avoided, including chicken, beef and other wild animals.

Pork is also rich and contains a type of fat that is difficult to digest for Greyhounds and other dogs. This type of fat can cause indigestion. Also, high fat food can cause pancreatitis in dogs.

Sharda Baker, http://www.dogfooddangers.com
Photo: artur84 / http://www.freedigitalphotos.net

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  6 Responses to “Why Pork Shouldn’t Be Fed To Dogs”

  1. This was very knowledgeable about pork. I did not know that. I knew that pork had to be cooked at a high degree and very well done, but I did not know that the pork had to be frozen then thawed and cooked.

    This was a great help and very informative to me as a human and to my Dalmatians.

    Thank you

  2. I just that the FDA took pink pork off the list of “not to eat items” for humans so why is it that you still say not to feed pork to dogs?

  3. I just read that the FDA took pink pork off the list of “not to eat items” for humans so why is it that you still say not to feed pork to dogs?

    My apologies for leaving out a word.

  4. I never feed uncooked pork to my dogs because it is one of the most contaminated meats out there. There’s a reason the Jews consider it unclean. One of my teachers, Dr John Veltheim, founder of The BodyTalk System, related a story of when he was in training, he had a chance to observe pork under a microscope. He said he was horrified to see all the parasites and microbes in it, and never touched or ate pork again after that. If you cook the pork well, then it should be safe to feed to your dog, but I believe it should never be fed raw.


  5. I was wondering why my Dogs Vet, told me not to feed Pork to my dog . As he was telling me, he was called & never finished his explaination. On July 4 th, I cooked BBQ Pork in my Crock Pot overnite. Everyone liked it . I boiled it on High for 14 hrs. So I know it was cooked & prior to me cooking it, it was Frozen for 4 months ! So I know we all have a Clean Bill of Health. Including my Dog who likes it better than his DOG FOOD, as long as I hand squeeze all the juices out of it.
    So that’s why I never see cans or bags of PORK at the store. We finished the last of the Pork tonite. My dog is the fussiest dog I ever owned for food. He don’t like Dog food. He will starve himself ,not to eat the can or dry food I buy for him. He’s twelve & this has gone on all these years. He will only eat what I eat. Other Dogs would be happy to eat all the different varities of can Dog Food that I have tried for him. Many times I have said that’s it I’m going to give you this & that’s all …..so then he will not eat anything for a week, then I see his ribs & I force him to eat it ,by opening his mouth & putting in the food & holding his mouth shut & when I release , he spits it out & runs to hide.He’s a small Long hair Chi-wow-wa & Lop-so. mix. ( don’t know the spelling ). Does anybody know what I should do ? E-mail me.
    Thanks Steve

  6. I can’t speak for your vet, of course, but I tell my clients not to feed RAW pork to animals. That’s because it’s usually highly contaminated with parasites and pathogens that can make them sick. But well cooked pork should be fine on occasion. Be careful of the sweeteners and salt and spices though – too much of that can be very bad. Simple cooked pork lightly seasoned or not seasoned at all should be just as tasty to your pooches. :D

    Much love to you and your furrkids,


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