10 things you should know before hiring an animal communicator


Before you hire an animal communicator you MUST read this report

Discover everything you must know about the work of a professional animal communicator so that you can:

I was interviewed in a teleseminar and many of the questions people wanted to know were all about animal communication: how to find a good animal communication practitioner, how this works, how to prepare for and what to expect from their sessions, what about skeptics, and what to do if things go wrong.

That gave me the idea to create a Free Report that would easily explain all this and more. It is written and recorded for people who are just getting started to help educate our clients so that they will be better able to get the most from our work. Here are some of the critically important points that people need to know about this work:

1.  Realize that not all communicators are created or trained equally.

2.  No one can make your animals change if they don’t want to.

3.  Realize what the job actually is.

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10 Things You Should Know Before You Hire an Animal Communicator