Help For Unhappy or Unhealthy Cats

Val Heart Loves Cats

Is Your Cat Happy and Healthy?  Here’s how can you tell for sure.

Are they?

If your feline friend doesn’t fit in this description, then there is work to do!

Cats that are happy and healthy are a JOY to be around.

They are loving, wise and wonderful souls.  Angels, teachers, guides and healers, they delight in your connection and communicate with you.

If your kitty is upset, frustrated, feeling attacked psychically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually or energetically, then they will act it out.

They want to be heard.

They want to be respected.

They want to be loved

And most of all…

They want you to GET IT.

That’s why they’re here.  It’s their soul purpose.

If your kitty isn’t happy, then ain’t nobody gonna be happy.

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