Common Questions, Facts and Tips on Preparing for Your Session

This page should answer most of your questions.  Please read and also check the Session Preparation page before emailing or calling.

How long does it typically take to get a session with Val?
Does Val locate lost or missing animals or person?
Can Val connect with deceased loved ones?
Can Val help with hauntings by ghosts, entities or other psychic phenomenon?
Can Val predict my future?
Does Val offer discounted or pro bono sessions?
What type of session should I choose?
How can I record my call with Val?
What Kinds of Cases Does Val Work On?
How is Val's Work Different From Other Animal Communicators?
Can Val Help With Animal Behavior and Health Issues?
Are there any Guarantees? Val’s 4 Fundamental Results Guarantee?
What is the Human Animal Body Mind Connection and How Does it Affect Me and My Animal?
How Long Will It Take To Get Results?
The Importance of Self Care
Working with Children under 12 years old: